Friday, December 5, 2014

Little Mac Has To Reach Up

Hey guys! Happy Friday. I couldn't be happier to be facing the weekend after doing over 10,000 manual adjustments at work today. I am all kinds of weird, so this post is gonna be all over the place! Before I expire though, I'm gonna give this crazy posting a go....  As you probably know, or guessed I have been all over Super Smash Bros Wii U since it's launch.  That Friday 2 weeks ago was dubbed Nintendo Day, something I didn't know until getting a flyer.  I had taken the day off and I was the only one looking for the game at a local Wal-Mart.  Gosh, even Kirby 20th anniversary had a larger crowd then that! (Beating the Smash crowd by 2.)  I guess Ontario is lacking in Nintendo love.  All good for me though.  I got first pick of the Amiibos as the lady in electronics opened the boxes for me. How lucky, considering they have been collecting dust in most stores I have gone too. :P 

Anyway I think the game is pretty fun. More of the same, really, but what isn't broke, don't fix it I guess.  For an old schooler like me the biggest thrills was at first finally being able to play as Little Mac for the first time in the series. How it took them 15 years to finally do this is just beyond me, considering he was Nintendos first true brawler.  Bitching aside, he is lots of fun to play with.  A real challenge to, as he is not very good in the air.  Kinda fits well with a character who has always had to struggle against overwhelming odds to succeed.  So, in honer of Macs inclusion I asked FallenAngel to draw him up. All sexy and naughty for you guys to enjoy.  As part of his special promotion he had going, Fallen did this at a discounted price. 1/3rd off his regular prices!  I think he did an immaculate job. His line work is super sharp!  Mac is nicely tanned and very gloriously muscled.  I wonder if that is Mike's dick? I thought it would be funny to have the short boxer reaching up to suck the dick of a boxer that is high above him, since he is constantly having to reach up in his games.

Here is my copy of the game with the Amiibos I chose. I picked up a Marth the day after getting the game. There were tons at the Toys R Us I went to.  

Another piece of Nintendo merchandise I picked up around the same time! 

As much as I liked the inclusion of Mac, nothing could have prepared me for the inclusion of Duck Hunt. Oh lord, those Christmas 1987 memories came flooding back when they hit the screen.  Incorporating other gun games like Wild Gun Man and Hogan's Alley really hit that special spot.  These guys are a love letter to 80s zapper kids and adults alike. I miss Ice Climbers, my fellow Canadians, but this really helped heal that wound!

While I wait for Nintendo to release a Little Mac Amiibo figure, I often search the net for any Punch Out Merchandise. I only have a few things, like some stickers and a trash can.  I never had any of the Punch Out Trophies. I do have a Zelda in a box somewhere. I have to say, this one of Mac fighting E. Honda is pretty well detailed. It's creepy that the orange background is actually heads. Looks like the audience is imprisoned in it.  Nice ass on Mac though.

 Come to think of it, I may just have owned a King Hippo, or Mac figure, but not for very long.

 The packaging on this Bowl a Ball game is about the coolest thing about it.  None of the boxers along the sides are featured in the game. Not really sure how this one works, but a very awesome packaging job nonetheless. 

While searching for Punch Out, I cam across Punch Out Popeye Standies!  Hey, this may seem random, but Popeye was one of the characters that helped put Nintendos name on the Map.  The character had already appeared in many Nindendo products long before they made games and once they did, he appeared in no less than 4 of them! (2 Game & Watches and 2 Famicom games.)Honestly, that would have been the thrill of thrills to see good old Popeye come back to teach these youngsters a thing, or two about fighting!   (In full 8 bit glory of course.)  You guys know how I like to share these little cut out characters.  So have fun printing them and placing them! 

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  1. Awesome Mac porn!!!!

    I an axnious to play as him as well!!! He and Ikke are gonna bemy main characters and is sad they are not releasing theyr Amiibos thingys along the game. Guess i can wait a little longer until i got the game.

    More of the same is not that bad. I wish RE or Silent Hill went that route instead.



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