Sunday, December 14, 2014

Patrick Fillions Got A Big Cup Of Steaming Hot Cocoa Ready Us This Holiday

Break out the Marshmellows and throw a log on the fire, cause Class Comics has the perfect way to spend a cozy Christmas holiday night. After years of being out of print and fetching some high prices online, Patrick Fillions Hot Chocolate is back for purchase in digital form.   That makes the art book the perfect companion for fun under the covers, while you browse through it with a lover, or alone on cold December night!!  

 At one point the hardcover Bruno Gmünder became pretty rare. I remember seeing insane prices for it on Amazon.  I haven't even seen it pirated.  I myself was lucky enough to have purchased it when it was available at regular price.  I picked up a copy on Amazon back in '08 and loved every cock filled page.  The images were selected from the huge collection Patrick drew for Black Inches magazine about a decade ago.  You could really seen him honing his craft here.  Patrick took on the task of capturing black men from various parts of the world,with different cultural backgrounds.  He drew men of various ages and from many walks of life as well.  In doing so bestowed on them all a unique look and even a glimpse into their personality.  He really pushed the boundaries of the media by doing not only this, but something not often seen, that was, giving his men all a specialized cock.  You will find men with long shafts and big heads, thick shafts and small heads.  Cock that look almost too heavy to rise up and others that are slender, thin and monstrous.  And still others that are short and thick.  There are circumcised men and men with foreskins that cling tight, while others hang long and loose. I could go on and on!
What I love is that he didn't have to that, but he did.  He wanted his images to be a reflection of life, not to have everything fit into a certain standard type of cock, to be drawn over and over.  This is something you find in all his books to the point where you can guess any of his heroes easily by the cocks alone.  (There have been contests in the past! LOL.)  It was one of the factors that made me admire and respect him so much. Hot Chocolate provided me with a huge window into his beautiful style and set him far above many of the artists who drew gay art, but never gave a mans dick the attention to detail it deserved.  The endowments of the men in Patrick Fillions Hot Chocolate were Lindt pure milk chocolate, mixed with Laura Secord, compared to some of the dollar store foil balls on the market I had leafed bonerless through.

The images made my imagination race, as I tried to think up back stories and epilogues to the images spread out across 64 cum inducing pages. When I started to do erotic art and stories in 2009 I used it as a great source of inspiration and guidance.  I was sad when the book vanished from the sites I frequented.  I remember this happening soon after I ordered it.  There was this long period when Amazon no longer had stock. I used to think it would make a great gift for many of the artists I have had the pleasure of working with all these years. Now in digital form, it makes an even more practical adult gift then before.

On Friday when I read the surprise announcement I almost fell out of my chair. I don't think I have ever made an order so fast before. :P hee hee.  Outside of the ability to enjoy the book with a mobile device, this edition adds to the collection another 26 pages.  That brings it to a total of 90 and it is under five bucks to purchase!  Pretty good considering how much the original went for when it was rare!   And even better, when you figure it gives so much more content and convenience in viewing. (This and Mighty Males used to go for some astonishing amounts.)    Though I only saw it on Amazon the original is now available again.  I am not sure when it came back to be honest.  Still, at 1/3rd the price, the hard cover is currently purchasable for, I would say digital is the better choice. If print is more your thing, I wouldn't hesitate to snatch it up too.

In the Expanded addition you will get to see the progression of Space Cadet and Disco, as well as a number of images I had not seen before.  Included as well are the mock covers for a series named for it's staring detective, Rodney Johnson.  Patrick states in the forward that this collection doesn't contain even HALF the images he created for Black Inches.  Maybe, just maybe, this means a second cup of Hot Chocolate is on the way! One can only hope.  For now though, I am just happy to have this collection to share and enjoy in digital form.

You can find HOT CHOCOLATE in PDF form for sale on the Class Comics site HERE.

This is from my own little Vault.  Patrick and Fraser used to sell the original line art for certain pictures.  I'm going to guess these were from Black Inches.  These images are long gone from the Class Comic sites. Maybe they will appear in a follow up book some day!

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