Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Vann Illia In Halloween Wishes

Tonight, I very proudly present a late addition to our annual Halloween posts.  A month and 9 days late, but hey, who's counting?  Might as well call me the Prince of Procrastination at this point ...Anyway...Tonight take down the tree and put the pumpkins back up,cause FallenAngel and I have a sexy tale of wishes made to a horny and evil deity on the spookiest night of the year.  An 18 year old Vann Illia is gonna learn that knowledge always comes at a price... 

A huge thank you to FallenAngel for working so hard on this,while at the same time as many other projects.  The time just kept slipping by to fast as we worked on it.  What was going to be a one page gag, got pushed into a 4 page mini comic. I had been thinking about doing more stories with a younger version of Vann Illia for awhile now. You may notice at least one difference in his younger self.  In my spare time I tried drawing him in more casual clothes and trying to make him look less muscular then he is currently.  I hope in the future to be able to explore this a little more. Below is a quick sketch of Vann in the clothes he sleeps in. Below that is the second draft of the Owl Staff.

Fallen Angel was as always a delight to work with.  He drew up this super cute bonus of the bar maid!  I think the fall air has been filling the bar...those nipples could put a drunken warriors eye out!!! XD  

Over on Pixiv Fallen dropped some Halloween love with his Mr. Pumpkin Head OC!  You can check it out and his gallery HERE.  

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