Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Belvadar's Nightmare Before Christmas

Just after Halloween Belvadar started a quest to find a way for Jasper to be freed of his one day a year curse. His search to find a way to extend the time the Ghostly twink could spend on Earth each year, lead him to the castle of Dr. Fagotstien. The middle aged doctor said he knew of ways to channel holiday spirits though special creatures of the night such as Belvadar. He promised to bring him to the Earthly plain, long enough to enjoy Christmas with his friends. He just needed Belvadars full cooperation. 
 The doctor seemed good natured enough. (Even though he took no shame in fondling Bels cock at the first opportunity to do so. Sizing it up he said it was..)  Why should Belvadar worry when he clamped his nipples?  Maybe he should have thought twice before letting the doctor strap that metal collar around his dick. When Fagotstien turned on his machine with the help of a little lightning, the shock they all sent through his body knocked the bat boy out cold for a few moments.  When he came to he was shackled against a wall.  He could feel the ice cold steel of a metal dildo being shoved up his reluctant ass.  The sparatic flickering of the lights on it gave off bits of heat. He couldn't help but be turned on by the vibrations and pulses it sent through his body. His cock grew to an enormous length, fueled even more so by the mysterious strap that kept the blood flowing and the cock growing long after it should have stopped! 
There was something magical about the tools the doctor was using.  Tingly lightning sparks danced all around Bels body.  They caused him not only pain, but a great deal of pleasure as well.  He could feel an orgasm welling up form deep within his very being.  Something was being channeled through his body, he could feel it.  Belvadar groaned and tried to stay conscious for what was the most painful and pleasurable orgasm of his life.  The orgasm seemed to last forever as it squeezed the cum slowly and agonizingly through his piss slit. Only what felt like cum, wasn't cum at all.  It was some sort of ectoplasmic goo.  This experiment wasn't to release one spirit, but all the evil Halloween ghouls and ghosts that sleep the year away at the castle!  With Belvadar as his portal and the specters at his command, the doctor wished to create a never ending Halloween!  Good bye Christmas!  Belvdar knew he had to do something, but he was helpless as orgasm after orgasm ripped through his body....

Tonights image was started around Halloween and completed not long ago by Caravaggia and Aneros.  Originally this was just going to be a line art to post on Halloween night, but when I saw the amount of effort that Aneroes put into it, I decided to request Caravaggia to colour it.  Once it was completed, I decided to change up the story a bit to fit the current season.  I hope you guys enjoy the image as much as we did presenting it to you. Below you will see my initial sketch of the concept, presented to Aneroes.

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  1. Nice work Caravaggia :D poor Bel, he needs to be rescued! -FallenAngel



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