Thursday, December 25, 2014

Hot and Cold Christmas Class

Merry Christmas Eve everyone! It's an unseasonably warm Christmas here in Ontario.  It's more like Halloween with all the wind, rain and heavy fog!  That hasn't hurt anybodies Christmas spirit though. 
My place has been all decked out since November and it still feels like it's come so quickly this year.  Where does the time go? Heck even as I type this, the time has flown past 12 midnight! Before I got to bed I have two festive images by FallenAngel based on some of my concepts to share. 
In honor of Zahn #3, we picked two of it's stars for our holiday fun.  I wanted to do a Heat Miser style image with Cauldron for starters.  He is visiting the frozen north, but his hot body, and steaming precum is creating a tropical paradise, much to the chagrin of the natives. :P
Following that. we have Zahn all decked out in his brand new suit! SEXY! He is letting it go at a monkey man infested hot spring.  He's found a way to make cum-cicle Christmas trees.  While showy and sweet to taste, they are a big of a bugger to detach.  That being said, he probably won't be creating his own personal ice forest keep, until he works that stingy kink out. 

I recently ordered the newest comics from Class.  When the package arrived it was filled with surprises. One being an ancient Fozzie Bear mug.  Something I had not seen in decades.  It filled me with so many warm memories.  You see I used to drink from this very same cup, at my aunts place my entire childhood. :D 
Yet another gift was a mass amount of cut outs!  There were some all new new ones featuring, like Jacob Motts characters designs from Naked Justice 3.   Included in this set is my favorite: Spot!!! Woo hoo! Check out these sweet new toys from Class Comics.  All these fun standies will make one horny toy town under the tree in the morning! :P

This year Class put out a free Christmas comic PDF. It features a vast collection of Christmas themed pin ups and Strip Show comics. Included as well is the image of Strider Caroling that Leon, Caravaggia and I came with with for Patrick and Fraser in 2012.  There is a ton of great art here, including the super hot image of Diemos below.  (I really want a purple Popsicle now for some reason...)

You can get various sizes of Deimos here and the free PDF comic by clicking here:  Class Comics Christmas.

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