Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Super Smash Joey

Everyone I know seems to be sweet by Super Smash Bros fever. While I will admit I am very interested in playing it, I am gonna hold out for the graphically superior Wii U version over the 3DS version. If there was one person that pushed me almost to the point of breaking, checking my local Wal-Mart this Monday for a copy, it was Maduinshorn. Since last month, he has been sending me some fucking hot images of Joey and Little Mac of Punch Out Fame. Mac is a new contender to Smash Bros. (Can we say about fucking time Nintendo? Almost 20 years too late.) Anyway it's never to late to star enjoying a hot character like Mac, one that has benefited considerably from Maduinshorns bara touch. Before Mac got a chance to enter the Smash Bros arena, Madusinhorn had him go up against Joey and a bevy of cocks on his own site!  Joey fills Macs ass with everything from toes to tail in these awesome sketched out images!!! Enjoy!

As I said, Smash Bros fever really hit Maduinshorn. He has been drawing many images from the game.  These include some of Nintendos buff racer Captain Falcon of F-Zero Fame!  Here he takes all of a huge dildo in stride and full of pride!

Want more Falcon and Mac by Maduinshorn?  Here they are in a massive Orgy.  They are no where near the point of getting smashed out of that bed though!  Smash Bros Ory
In this image, after being knocked down, he's got the whole roster of Punch Out forcing their cocks on him!

Since we are now in full swing of the Halloween season, I couldn't help, but share this spectacular image of Chris Redfield from the Resident Evil Series.  Between this and Patrick Fillions randition of the character from early this year, I am dying to play part 5 again.  (Just to spend more time with Chris! Hee hee.) Love that uncut cock!  It's swinging in to greet you. The skin peeled back just enough so that the moist pink cyclopes can say hello.  No one could resist putting their mouth over that friendly dick and Chris looks like he knows it!  You can see his post, which includes the sketch here:  Chris Redfield with a hard on.

Speaking of not being able to resist putting your mouth, here is Ryu enjoying Batsus tight fucking foreskin covered in thick, creamy cum.  Inspired by his playing Project X Zone, this image is done with far more passion then anything found within the game itself.  You can find it on his Tumblr here: Ryu Sucks Rival Schools

Keeping with the Capcom theme, here is a teaser of Maduinshorns image of Rash. The long forgotten (by Capcom) hero of Amored Warriors enjoys a little me time.  Why else is a sexy young hero out of work supposed to do with his time, except jerk himself unconscious? ;D

You can see the full image by clicking here:  Rash Jerks off by Maduinshorn.

I hope you guys have fun checking out his tumblr and enjoyed the new images!

While I am still in Smash bros mode, have you guys seen the super cute Nintendo and Star Wars cross over called Super Smash Wars?  They did all three original Star Wars movies using Nintendo characters and style to tell the story!  It's totally charming.  Uly showed me these a few days ago.

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