Sunday, October 19, 2014

Sexy All Male Samurai Pizza Cats!

Hello guys, today I'm going to share with you Lastmanouthere's latest piece for our blog. In the summer time I revisited the series Samurai Pizza Cats. This was a cartoon that aired about 20 years ago here in Canada. (I believe kids in the US got it long before we did, but we got a less censored version.) I went and watched much of the English and Japanese dub. In many cases I watched one language then the other. I found his a bit too exhausting to do for all the episodes. I compared both, for better or worse, finding much more humor in the English, but a much more intriguing story in the Japanese version. The English seemed to want to draw in older viewers, were as the Japanese version was clearly made for a younger audience. In both cases that was often made clearest by the narrator in each language!

As much as I liked the show when it was on, it really showed off what was wrong with a lot of anime translations back then. (What drove me to subtitled VHS versions back then!) So much was ignored, or cut. Even the final episodes were made fairly anticlimactic, so that they could fit anywhere in the air dates. Bah. Still, I have to give the US version a lot of props for it's witty voice acting and keeping the main bad guy as gay as they could get away with. I really admired that more now, then I did at the time I think. Funny though, that it still irritates me to no end, that The Big Cheese was called a rat, when he was so obviously a fox. Wouldn't it have been smarted to play up the cat/dog thing, then try to say something is a different species then it clearly is, if that was what they were going for? Also, when I found out his real name was Lord Korn, making the use of popcorn puns very possible for when he exploded, I wondered why the name/species change even more so. Finally I think that the horny tones found Pollys voice performance in the Japanese version were totally out of place in a kids show.  Glad the Americans didn't try to play that up at all. (Like they would have had the balls to anyway!) 

It was really fun to watch the show again and to finally see after 20 years, how the story was really meant to be like. I went onto E-bay and picked up a few things. I bought a Game & Watch by Bandai that was like new. Got it really cheap too!  That was very lucky.  (See below for a picture of it.)  I also picked up a board game a friend of mine has been working on translating for a bit. It's brand new and the board really needs a good pressing to keep it folded! I will have to take some pictures of it one day.

Of course, I started to crave more then just merchandise. My mind started think about what we here could do for the characters. Like, what if all the characters were drawn, not cute and cartoony, but big and buff. And what if they were all men... I shared my naughty through with Lastmanouthere, who was more then up for the challenge. In fact he picked it out of a couple ideas I had brainstormed for him. He e-mailed me right away stating his wish to be the first one to take this on!  Of course I have been waiting on baited breath to see the final ever since he e-mailed me that approval.  He had sent me a sketch a week ago, that totally blew me away!  Earlier this week he sent the completed transformation of super stars samurai, as super samurai STUDS!

These pizza cats, don't ever touch the their own product! Not with bodies like that they don't!!!  You can feel this togetherness of the team. Speedy is so gun-ho, Guido is right behind him, a little cautious and nervous, but he is excited for a chance to prove himself.  This is evident by his cock, which is getting harder. The head has pushed back the foreskin and it's getting thicker and longer.  Polly on the other hand, is totally focused, already enchanting unseen adversaries. His cock is poised and ready to spring to life at the moment the music hits his target! 

This is the LCD game I picked up. It's pretty easy. It seems like you are having a sparring match with the Crows, that is being held by the princess.  You just have to defeat the crows before they attack you, all the time keeping an eye out for The Big Cheese and Jerry, who will try to get you from behind. This simple premise fits very well with the theme of the show!

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