Sunday, October 5, 2014

JD in 2D and 3D!

Hey Guys, it's time for more Halloween images! These were gifts made for Guytoonists birthday last month. I'm very happy to say that he enjoyed them very much. It's a real treat to be able to share them with you today. Both images feature JD, the Jersey Devil Werewolf created by Guytoonist. JD has become something of a major Halloween mascot around here. You werewolf hunk fans, have a double treat tonight. First off Astasia666 has JD have a private Halloween party in the cool grass along side a pumpkin patch. A lone Jack-O-Lantern enjoys the Jersey Devils solo show. And a beautiful 3D image by Lenn. Through it we get to see JD in a form that looks ready to leap from the screen.

JD entered the pumpkin patch for a quiet Halloween night of song writing. He was ready to be inspired by the ambiance of the wild squash patch far away from prying eyes. Here he felt that for once, he could enjoy the holiday in peace.  He was suddenly filled with an unyielding desire to pleasure himself. As he did so, his usually moderately sized penis started to grow and gorw. It turned orange as it lengthened and thickened.  His body started to grow hair and muscled up. He looked up to see he was being bathed in the soft light of the moon. He was able to remove his shirt before the raging wolf spirit took total control of him. As soon as he had removed it, his cock pulsated with desire so passionately, he could think of nothing but jerking off. It was too late for his pants. He furiously worked his cock as his legs muscles up, ripping them to shreds. Over the next hour JD jerked off time and again, never losing an ounce of steam.

He had covered half the pumpkins in the patch with a white frosting. They glistened in the moonlight.  All of them that is, but a single super happy Jack-O-Lantern. He wasn't sure who had made it, or how the little pumpkin was able to blush. He stood up, smiled and watched as a foreskin grew over his cock head. His transformation complete, He put his shirt on, laughing as it ripped apart with each flex of his manly chest.  He then jumped off into the woods, ready for a wild Halloween night.

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