Monday, September 29, 2014

Zerimar's Sexy Super Fighter Frank

Recently Zerimar introduced me to the 20th anniversary edition of the game Super Fighter.  It's a very old school game that came during the great age of Fighters.  I really have to thank him for introducing me to such a hidden gem of a tittle.  The way to play the game is to download it, but it's all on the up and up.  It's actually free to download from the companies official site.  The game was produced for the PC in 1993.  As far as I know, it was never ported to any home consoles.  The game didn't originate from Japan, but from Taiwan!  It became the first hit fighting game to come out of Taiwan. 
Now 20 years later, it's been lucky enough to have been given a huge makeover.  This new edition builds on the old one, with  tons of new animation frames, new moves and even new music.  It's always nice to see games from this era giving this kind of treatment.  (And not just being turned into gritty 3D remakes.)  The effort on display here can really show the difference between the hard working little guys and the fat lazy big boys like Nintendo. (Super Mario 25th anniversary ROM dump on Wii anyone?)  

Zerimar became infatuated with the silver haired fighter Frank from the game.  (Not that I can blame him! He is a looker isn't he? XD)  In the most beautiful way he could to show his affection for both the game and the character he created the above piece.  Frank is giving himself a little massage.  Making sure his pectorals are all nice and tight for the fight.  He did a super job on this character, working with the 20 something playful side, displayed in his profile images.  (Though his story makes him out to be a much darker and tortured character then the art would have you assume him to be.)  I found this to be lovely tribute and one that I hope will help increase awareness of this game and bring the characters attention to more gay fighting game fans then ever before. Thank you for introducing me to this game and sending such sweet fan art to share. :)

Frank is just one of many hot studs found in the game. Ah, the gold age, when every fighter had a sweet selection of stud muffins! :P  You can download the game here:  SUPER FIGHTER AKA FATAL ENCOUNTER

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  1. You're welcome! Have you had a chance to try the game out? I haven't yet lol



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