Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Oh Canada Camili-Cat Fuck

The third in our series of images for Patricks birthday was expertly drawn by Hyadaria and lavishly coloured by Caravaggia. In this end of summer image, we have the Tolarian stripper Aza getting an overdue revenge fuck on Camili-Cat.  To add a little oomph to the butt fucking, Aza has inserted some extra cold popsicles up Cams ass! The cold doesn't seem to bother the big blue Aza.  He's enjoying it so much, he's making sure he even gets a real taste of the action.  It's making this pay back more sweet then bitter.  Well, at least for him anyway.  Cam isn't exactly in pleasure country here.  Those things are cold on our kittys ass.  Still I think he will look back foundly on this rather exotic fuck.

I decided to bring back Azas Canadian muscle shirt and Cams skater outfit.  (Albeit only the hat returned this time around!)  Speaking of bitter sweet, as big and beautiful the boys are done by Hydaria, the sun setting on the final day of summer vacation, makes me a little blue.  Gotta get the most out of every day. If only we all looked as hot as the men Hydaria draws eh? Then it would be all the easier... At least in situations like this!

Here is the shirtless version of the image.  I couldn't help but ask to see Hyradias Aza with out his shirt on.  Super freaking glad I did. He's totally blue-tiful. 

I tried to get the most out of the last weekend of summer by going to the Canadian National Exhibition. (Or as us locals call it, THE X.)  It's always fun to go and honestly I had not been in over a decade.  The prices were enough to keep me away for another decade though.  The cute stand below sold drinks in hollowed out fruit for $10 a pop.  I can buy juice for 2 months for that much!!!!  I had a great time watching the air show, checking out the dog show and all the interesting rides and games. I have an eye infection, so I didn't stay the full day, as it was really hurting by 3 pm.  Still, I had a memorable day with family and friends.

 I swear I thought I saw FallenAngel trying to win a prize at this completely banana themed game. I wanted to win a monkey in a banana, but sadly, no one was ever playing it. 

 Giant pickle on a stick. That's the breakfast of gay champions the world over. 

 The first thing we came across was this building.  There was a cock with the hands coming out of a caramel apple on the front. It was just for show though. It didn't actually keep the time.

 My lunch was a $9 corn dog.  Ugh..Later that day I bought a McDonald's meal for half the price of this thing.  It was good though.

 Disney's Frozen Fudge.  Just like the movie it's terrible! I kid, but really, this stuff tasted like garbage.  At least I got a cool Elsa sticker out of my purchase.  Can't complain about that. :D

 Pharaohs fury looks really cool, but I heard someone broke their shoulder on it, when one of straps came lose. Oh well, I rode it anyway.
 I won Brainy Smurf at this game!!!

 The Mario Kart exhibit looked cool, but since it was just for the Wii U edition, I didn't go in.  Kinda regret that now, as their might have been some nice prizes.

 The X was not short on Fudge. I must have seen over 4 places that sold the stuff. I picked up some pumpkin pie flavored slabs. It's so good.  It wasn't very expensive either. 

 When I got home I looked over this picture and realized I could have very easily won all those cool Avenger Plush toys.  If only I had played this childs game! LOL.  I tried to win Iron Man at a Whack A Mole game, but it was rigged.  There was no way I could have scored enough points, as not enough moles popped up to achieve the score needed to win.  Where's officer Barbrady when you need him?

 Man, this ride is ancient. I rode this when I was like 6 with my mom!!! That was back in the 1980s kids! 

My haul from the day. I got Turbo, so I couldn't have been happier. (Unless I got some Avengers!!  Sob..)

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