Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Space Cadets Family Shower

Byron came home one day after a long photo shoot, tired and sweaty.  He had his cock teased all day, but was never allowed to release.  His dick throbbed as he thought about getting into the shower for a little private time. The best time to release!  His mind kept wondering to the events of the other morning, when his brother Sheldon had interrupted his morning jerk off session.  He thought about the touch of his brothers hand on his dick.  He wondered if he imagined Sheldon moving his long cut dick up and down his ass cheeks, or if it was just due to the motion of their rough housing.  Lost in thought he darted into the bathroom, closing, but not locking the door behind him.  Locking doors was a lesson he needed to relearn after living by himself for so long. Byron quickly got undressed.  He was surprised by the cold sensation of a long stream of precum hitting his leg.  His pants were heavily stained by the precum that had leaked out on his way home.  He really was dying to orgasm.

Bryon turned on the water and stared to soap up.  His hands never left his dick for very long.  He couldn't stop thinking of his brother as he stroked up and down his soapy dick. He imagined his hands were his brothers as he beat below his head.  He took his left hand and fingered his asshole, imagining his fingers were his brothers dick penetrating his butt.
"Sheldon." very quietly escaped his lips. 
"You called?" Whispered his brothers voice into his ear.  Byron turned around, startled out of his mind.  There before him stood his younger brother, with nothing but bar of soap and bulging dick that was getting bigger by the second. Sheldon pushed his body onto his brothers.  Space Cadet tried to resist it, even though he wanted this so badly.  Centaurs were one thing, but was he ready to take the plunge into this forbidden love making session? He raised his hands to try to push back his brothers advance, but Sheldon grabbed his arms and clutched the base of Byrons cock....

Byron gave in.  They stood there, the hot water filling the stall with steam.  He breathed heavily, as he prepared to let this happen.  Sheldon kept his grip on his brothers wrist, while jerking Byrons massive meat with his other hand. The stood so close that his own long, dark, dick, hard as it was, had been wedged straight down between them. Space Cadets balls rested on the head of Sheldons cock.  Sheldon loved the warm cozy feeling. The balls heaved up and down with each breath, caressing his pink head. Every so often Sheldon with thrust his dick between Byrons legs and Byron would squeeze his thighs, jerking his brother off as tightly as he could.

The two young me were so engrossed with each other, they didn't notice that their dad Emil, had been watching through the shower door.  He had followed Sheldon into the bathroom to stop him from attacking Byron again. When he came upon the scene, he started to get instantly hard.  His massive 16 inch dick quivered and ached with passion at the sight of his naked sons playing with each others dicks.  Unlike his sons, Emil is uncut.  He has a super long foreskin, which he likes to keep covering his head fully as he jerks off.  The boys were too busy to notice, even when his dick and balls started to press up against the glass.

It was not long before all three were ready to cum.
"Yes, that's it Sheldon.  Keep rubbing below my head.  I'm almost there...I'm...I'm gonna cum!"
Byron erupted all over the back of his bros arm and tight ass.  The sensation Sheldons dick got from his brothers big warm balls releasing wave after wave of hot white cum was enough to send him over the edge as well. He grunted, closed his eyes and squeezed his ass cheeks together as he blew his load all over his brothers legs and feet.

Their shower over, their fathers instant drying machine came on. The men were dried very quickly, but kept their gaze on each other.  Something wasn't right.  Byron was starting to feel horny again.  He felt something warm on his cock head. There was a moisture there he had never felt before.  He looked down to see..

That he was uncut! The warmth, the tightness, the sleekness of the foreskin was all so wondrous to him.  He looked down to see Sheldon was uncut now too.   What was going on?  How was this happening?

 Before he could even fight, or question it, Sheldon was eagerly jerking him off again.  The water turned back on and Sheldon soaped them back up.  Byron embraced it fully.  He was having so much fun, he couldn't help but start giggling as their slippery foreskin covered heads started rubbing against each other.

Sheldons words excited both of them a little too much. Once again they sprayed their sperm all over each other and the shower room walls.  Outside, their dad let out another ancient load from his king sized cock.  Byron felt weak at the knees. He slid down and landed with a splash in the cum filled water.  He started to loose consciousness, but his dick still raged with unabashed lust...

What was going on?  Was this for real?  Was Byron under some sort of enchantment?  How long would this continue on?

I hope you guys enjoyed our little story, but more importantly the amazing art by Rubensum!  You guys probably saw something like this coming after my Space Cadet #2 review talked about my desire to see some incest between Byron and his brother.  His dad was just too tempting not to include in all this.  As you can see Rubensum drew till there was no more ink!  Rub really wanted to take this idea and explore every avenue with it.  I got the pleasure of seeing each detail come to be and all through that creative process we bounced ideas off one another. Sometimes we found that even something said as a joke, actually worked amazingly well in the image.  It was a total pleasure to work with Rubensum once again.  Even though this was just supposed to be a one shot, Rub stretched the image to make a full scene and excite my imagination even more then I originally thought the project could!  Thanks again Rub!  You are amazing!

Have you had a chance to take our Space Cadet Survey?  Please feel free to do so and enjoy the wondeful art in the post as well, or course!

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