Monday, September 15, 2014

Marshall And The Magic Mirror

Marshall Copeland had heard rumors of a magic mirror hidden in the vast expanse of the frozen Canadian north.  Said to have been crafted during the days of the dinosaurs, by a deity, it had been all but lost to the ages, till Marshall got a tip in Prehistoric Paradise.  It's true purpose was now in dispute.  Master Duckbill, the sly dimetrodon and Mamma Bronta argued the true purpose of the mirror with one another.  Master Duckbill, a father figure to Marshall, said it held the secret to evolving yourself.  The dimetrodon put down his playing cards long enough to hiss that through it, one could gain immortality.  Mamma Brontas eyes shone with the look only a true lady can achieve, as she thinks about her youth, as she stated the mirrors use was simply to view images of the wondrous past.  

When Marshalls treasure hunting came to an end, deep in an ice cave, he soon found the tales of it's powers were all more then slightly off, but in essence all correct. Marshall cleaned the glass and gazed into it.  The mirror lit up and started to show Marshall images of his life.  He watched as he advanced from boyhood to becoming a man.  He watched as his body grew, muscles form, his cock got balls getting bigger. He was treated to the sights of his sexual encounters through the years.  His loves, his many escapades, as well as his many rounds of self pleasure.  He stared for what felt like forever.  From the time he began watching, his balls instantly swelled and filled with cum. The mirror was casting it's spell on him and he had very quickly succumb to it.  He undid his pants and started fondling his massive boner uncontrollably.  He brought himself close to the point of orgasm time and again, but something was stopping him.  

By the time he slid back against the cave wall, becoming so weak in the knees he could hardly stand, it seemed like the cave was filling with a foggy haze.  From the depths of the mirror a voice called to him.  It beckoned him to come forward.  In the mirror, the friendly forms of Marshall twisted into a tall slender, evil version of himself.  It promised him life eternal within the safety of the mirror.  This highly evolved form of Marshall, created through power of all his past sexual exploits, looked to be a stronger, faster and a more cunning creature then Marshall was.  All Marshall had to do was release his seed upon the mirrors surface (which he did in earnest.) and make contact with the creature.  As he came on the mirror, the negative Marshall extended it's hand out, ready to take it's place in the real world after a millennium of entrapment......

Tonights grand image was drawn by Luciferseraphim.  He did two images of Marshall and his mirror self for me.  The one above and one for his own gallery.  (See the preview below!)  He did an extremely beautiful job, providing his own unique and very sexy take on Marshall.  As well, he helped give a touch of elegance to both the mirror and the cave setting.  He created some beautiful ice and lighting effects. I hope you guys enjoy it, as much as I enjoy presenting it to you.  Watch out for Mirror Monsters tonight! :P

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