Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Centaur King Fucks Space Cadet Animated

Hey guys, it's my total pleasure to present you all with tonight's image.  A picture of Space Cadet being fucked by Strider the glorious centaur, is something I wanted to have done for Patrick for a long time now. While he have done many exciting images of Strider over the years, this is the first one to depict the controversial scene in the first book,  (A scene that may, or may not have happened. We are not sure how far they got before they were interrupted.)  Obviously the image of this fantasy has been locked in many of our minds for years, but now thanks to the extremely talented Gene Lightfoot, that fantasy has sprung forth in full animated glory!

Gene's work is mind blowingly hot.  He warned me this would be one slow sensual ass fucking and dang did he deliver on that promise! Love how they almost kiss with each thrust.  How Byron is holding on to Striders neck, while Strider holds Byron by the neck, both in order to keep Cadet from slumping over.  The soft caress of Striders leg on Cadets ass with each deep thrust of his massive dick is warm sensual touch that I love so much. :P I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I enjoy presenting this to you!

Here as well are the results of the Space Cadet Survey so far.  I am planning to leave the survey open till at least the end of the year. I have also included the survey again at the bottom of the results. 

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