Saturday, September 6, 2014

Treasure Hunting With Mako Finn And The Little Spermaid

For Leon De Leon and I's annual gift to Patrick, I did something I wanted to do for a long time now. Years ago a sketch of a character named Aquairus by Patrick Fillion caught my eye.  The few images of him can still only be found in the Patrick Fillion Sketch Book.  Ever since seeing them, I wanted to do art projects featuring this not so little merman.  As years went by my desire to do this became greater and greater.  I was going over and drawing different ideas to send to Leon, when right after the final one, Leon asked me what I would like to do for Patrick most of all.  A light went off in my head.  I remembered Aquarius and  that is how we came about creating todays image. 
I talked to Urbanmusiq about four, or five of different scenarios to put him in. We finally went with the idea that placed the most focus on him.  Leon was the first person to ever give him colour. I think he choose very well.  He gave him olive tones, which I felt looked perfect on him, because I can't help but think he was originally designed as an Asian merman.  (That being totally up to my interpretation of him of course.)  The darker tones, especially on the cock, really give him an air of masculinity.  The green shine in his silken hair was a sweet touch from Leon. I think he did the character a lot of justice. Given the pose, it's as if Mako found him in his sketch form and brought him finally to long overdue life!  Mako Finn is of course looks fucking amazing as well! ;D Leon wasn't happy with the first cock he drew (see sketch below) so elongated it! LOL! Makos pecks look ready to have that dark solid column of Aquarius's placed right between them.  Between the two men and the dreamy sea scape, this has to be one of Leons most decadent pieces. 

Patrick Fillion e-mailed us soon after getting the picture. He was ecstatic over it and said that it totally inspired him.  He said the wheels are turning big time in his head and he has full plans now to include Aquarius in some future works!  This is by far the greatest thing that could have happened as well as the nicest complement we could have receievd for our efforts! :D

Here is our variation, with Mako Finn grabbing the mermans throbbing boner firmly, ready to stroke him off completely. 

Here is Leon De Leons first sketch.  There are not many differences between this and the final.

As mentioned Aquarius can only be found in Patrick Fillions Sketch Book PDF.  It's a great 52 page book. It has a lot of images that have only been featured in it and nowhere else.  As well, it shows the creative process of some of the more famous pieces and comic pages from Class, as well as images meant to be con giveaways. I'm not sure if those were ever used at Bent Con, or not, but a bit of trivia I do know, is that Aneros coloured some of them way back when.  It's well worth checking out!

Since we are all mermaid themed today, I might as well talk about a movie I watched a couple weeks ago.  I use the therm watched loosely, cause despite the concept, only 2 of the 5 scenes were actually worth watching. (At least for me.)  The movie was THE LITTLE SPERMAID.   Sper-Maid? Even for a parody title, that is just not a very good pun, let's face it.  It makes her sound like some cowboy cleaning lady, or something.  Gay porn fans will be happy to see that Eric Driller (no relation to Mr. Driller) stars as Prince Eric. (for copyright purposes called Eric Prince here.)  Another plus for gay fans is how much attention is spent on cocks in this one. The entire first scene has Ariel giving Eric one long blow job.  There's no fucking, or pussy in sight.

 Prince Eric sporting sun glasses and blue jeans. I can get with that.

 If I found THIS on the beach, I would be doing the exact same thing as Ariel, that's for sure! 

 "You have a tail, so that means no pussy?"  Eric the master of the obvious. 

"We've only just met and you aren't actually human, but fuck it, let me feel your tits up."
Whoa! For someone that's never seen a human before, she knows exactly what to do with that funny noodle in his pants, doesn't she?

 The 'Little' in the title must have been referring to her tits....Maybe his cock too..

 "Ho hum." 
Already bored with it Ariel?

 "Easy, not so rough Ariel!"
"I heard these things were supposed to come with skin that goes over the head. Is yours broken?"

 Instead of releasing her eggs, Ariels takes Erics load all in her mouth.  Probably better that way for the audience.

Ariel is looking for seconds.

In the final scene of the movie, Eric is told by King Triton to go to his daughter and be with her.  She magically appears in his pool and he carries her off to his bedroom.

One second she is a mermaid...

The next she is a human!  No explanation is given for this.  There's no transformation, no spell, nothing.  LAZY!  What did they do, spend their entire budget on that one old school, has been porn star that plays Triton? 

Like before, when Ariel had no dialogue highlighting her inexperience with and innocents in dealing with human men and penises, there is nothing here to take advantage of Ariel loosing her virginity. Nor is the fact that she is experiencing the pleasure of a human vagina for the first time addressed either.  A real waste of a golden opportunity to do so. I really should stop expecting anything decent from a lousy porn parody video, shouldn't I?

The camera man does a fairly good job of trying to hide all the Japanese/Chinese symbols tattooed on Ariels back.  At least, for a little while.  Eric doesn't notice that an entire fishing boat had their way and permanently marked the love of his life as their property.  Wait till he finds out..

 "Oh Shit! What's that on your Back?"  
 Ariel has that 'we are going to have to have a sad little chat face woman get.

When fully hard, Eric Drillers dick is pretty big and beautiful isn't it?  Too bad he didn't do a gay role as Prince Eric.  It might have been a better movie. 

Overall if all you are looking for is a couple scenes of mermaid sex, you really can't go wrong with this one. Both actors are hot and commit to their parts. It's fairly romantic and there is a decent amount of screen time given to Eric and his hot cut cock.  If you are looking for something based on the movie, then you better look elsewhere. 

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