Thursday, September 11, 2014

Class Comics Dective Anvil, Beautiful Men In A Gritty World

Last night I had the pleasure of reading Detective Anvil from Class Comics. It's the first comic made by an artists named Carjim for the company. I know little about his works outside of this comic.  I was happy to learn, very quickly he draws some really freaking gorgeous men with some of the longest dicks around!  His cell shaded style is reminiscent of many an action cartoon from the 90s and the turn of the century.  His wonderful style really drew me into the comic.  The style of his art kind of reminds me of Kinu Sekigushi's.

Anvils story is set in a rough world of pimps and man whores.  It's like a little slice of 1970s Ghetto America, where everyone is uncut, completely unlike any of the porn from that era! No complaints here. LOL.  Jimcars uncut long tubes are cum inducing to say the least....

 The story is told over 24 pages, 20 of which feature sex.  83% of the book is sex scenes.  I can't stress that enough.  Before you start thinking their can't be much story then, think again!  In Anvils case, the story doesn't slow down due to it's sex, it uses it to move the plot  briskly forward. 
The book has a lot to offer, with men from various racial backgrounds and even a demonic monster of sorts getting into the act.  I have to say I enjoyed my short stay with this private 'hung like a horse' dick. It may not be fore everyone though. The men look as sweet as candy, but their world is totally sour.  The book gets more violent as it goes on and SPOILER...98% of the cast dies before the story is over.....Spoiler ends.  Here are some examples from the book.
 Page one has Anvil doing normal police interrogation work. Dig those low hanging balls on that twinky young informant! Woo hoo! 

 Here is the stories main bad guys, Judge and Owens.  Owens is a pimp master with a dick that rivals even Black Dynamites! :P  (I would guess.)  I would love to see that cross over. XD

It's not all pimps and police.  Big Jim, a horny science experiment, fucks first and kills later.  Jims appearance in this book helped solidify the 70s vibe all the more to me, what with all the horror mystery/detective comics published during that decade.

Anvil is a great start to what will hopefully be a long career with Class Comics.  You can check it out through the link below!

Detective Anvil #1.

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