Sunday, September 14, 2014

Lil Deep Naked Sailor Serenade

Continuing our summer party series drawn lavishly by FallenAngel, today we have Lil Deep. He has equipped himself with some sailor gear. (The previous owner of which is suffering from a very sore ass, due to a megalodon shark attack last night.)  Deep has an alternative motive to joining the celebration tonight.  He is out to extra some revenge on the Merman that have been using their siren songs to ravish sailors and passengers upon their ships. Once such passenger was Rex and no one tampers with Deeps favorite bottom and get's away with it.  Using the 'borrowed' accordion and his own built in one, Deep hopes to give the mermen a taste of their own medicine.  Somehow, I don't think they will mind too much. 
Big thanks to FA for creating this tranquil cliff side ocean scene.  Ah, to be peeking over that totem at what happens next.  He created some really lovely merman.  They really do need to come back for another more hardcore image, don't you think?

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