Saturday, September 20, 2014

Now That's Interesting...Jacob Mott's Adventures Of Lawsuit and T-Boy Comic Coming Soon

Class Comics have been knocking out one surprise after another this week.  Last week it was Dective Anvil and now not 7 days later we have the cover reveal of Lawsuit and T-Boy.  I find this very exciting and I think many other people will too.  For YEARS people have asked me if I had this full comic, or knew where they could get it.  Through a lot of research we learned that only a few pages were ever produced.  (At least for the public eye.)  People never seemed satisfied and many a friend continued to hunt for updates, year after year.  So yeah, this is gonna be outstanding.  A lost project finally seeing the light of day thanks to Class Comics.  Patrick says they are aiming for a fall release.  With the Cybersix like sexy zombie bad guys, if they could kick this one out by Halloween, it would be the ultimate holiday treat this October 31st! What ever the date, I will be first in line! LOL!

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