Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Chris Redfield Bloody Sexy

Urbanmusiq (Leon De Leon) chose Chris Redfield to be the subject of his October 2013 DNA Man.  The character, is of course a perfect fit for any October issue.  Chris is a big favorite of Leons and in the pose he drew, he gave it his all, leaving very little to the imagination.  What was a 'Men in Uniform theme' in fact had very little uniform!!! It looks like the zombies, or Jill stripped him almost bare!  With Chris safely taking refuge deep within the pages of DNA, Leon was free to pretty much show it all.  Several months later, Leon decided to alter the image for a public showing of zombie themed art at the local ArtBoy Gallery. Leon gave the image a bit of an overhaul, adding a spooky zombie hoard behind Chris and covering the Capcom hero with blood and dirt from his encounters with the undead.  Due to the image being shown in a more public place, he toned down the nudity, though he did increase the size of Chris's crotch bulge significantly. (I would say he doubled it!)  It's an honor to be able to show you guys, for the first time outside of the gallery showing this epic image!  I almost called this post Bloody Vs Sexy, but that would demean how hot the more violent of the images is. The question is, which do you like more?  Gritty, exciting, battle worn Chris, or squeaky clean Chris with torn revealing undies?


You can see this images original posting here:

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