Thursday, October 30, 2014

Belvadar's Halloween Morning Meeting

Hello guys and thank you again for braving another Witching Hour Halloween post here at DPK. In about 30 mins Halloween will be upon us here where I live. I have spent the entire night decorating and running to stores to grab the bargains! I will share some pictures of what I purchased tomorrow in my giant Halloween post. The best picture I can share with you now, far exceeds anything I could buy at a store.  Tonight I have Sirios magical Halloween morning meeting of Belvadar and Gojioni.  It's east meets west demonic love at first site as the sun rises on the pumpkin patch.  It's gonna be one magical Halloween morning for both our sexy boys!!  (Especially the way Sirio dishes out the extra doses of HANDSOME on this piece!) 

The fun is gonna continue all Halloweekend long!Hope you guys are ready!


  1. Its neat to see soo many version of one same character xDDDD
    Hope to see those pics posted tonight :P areound here Halloween is pretty 2unofficial" but i bet around there is pretty spectacular

  2. rumbling at the pumpkin patch eh? :D nice one Sirio-chan - FallenAngel



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