Monday, October 13, 2014

The Owl Man Arrives In The Kingdom

A new Halloween spirit has flown into our kingdom tonight.The Owl Man, stands on a cliff side. His big orange pumpkin eyes scour the forest for possible prey.  Otubishin is an ancient one, who was once revered for his knowledge and wisdom by the Odawa peoples.  As time passed the screech owl human became something to be feared, instead of revered.  The price of his powers and protection, became to great.  The people sealed him in the Shawman Staff of Samhain.  His time on Earth each year is now limited to the month of October now and only if someone is foolish enough to temporarily release him.  It seems someone in our kingdom was indeed foolish enough, but who and why?  Hopefully we will have the answers to that for you very soon! For now please enjoy this first ever image of him by FallenAngel! 

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