Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Walking Dead Vs Beautiful Dead: Claimed!

Hello and thank you for joining me for another late night Halloween post. Tonight I present to you a special one page comic that Caravaggia and I came up with for Robert Fraser many months ago. It's a ghoulish and silly birthday gift that features The Walking Dead's Rick and Daryl meeting a few of the cast of his own Comic, The Beautiful Dead. Inspired by the episodes where Daryl joined the 'claimers' group. Daryl is about to learn that the rules go both ways in the gay zombie apocalypse!

Caravaggia did a splendid job on both the Walking Dead and Beautiful Dead characters for this page.   She is a big fan of Daryl and really enjoyed getting to draw him in so many frames I think! :P  I especially love her zombie brute, who was given extra cocks growing out of his main massive one.  He becomes more and more of a sexy horror with each artists take on him!

Caravaggia has been up to some Halloween mischief of her own, on her blog Eroticute.  I admire how she found a really neat way to include Dia de los Muertos in one of the images!  These images she created this year proved controversial on one site in particular. One guess as to which that would be is all you need.  It was so naughty it had to be taken off the site! (Yet the others all similarly themed remained...)

Curious to see what is going on?  Check out the post here:

Following our comedy theme, I wanted to share a couple cartoons perfect for the holiday.  I rediscover both of these recently.  First off is the Pink Panther, finding himself dealing with all manner of spooks in a vampires castle.  Pink Plasma is not only extremely funny, it has one heck of a creepy mix of the panther theme that is worth watching the cartoon alone for.  It really sets the mood and makes this comic even more memorable.

The other hidden gem I found on Youtube recently features a comedy duo known for their encounters with biggest monsters of all time:  Abbot and Costello!  I haven't seen these since I was very little, probably in the very early 80s.  (They rest somewhere on the very edge of my earliest of memories.)  Seeing as how it's been a big year for Godzilla, I thought it fitting to share the closest Abbott and Costello ever came to meeting him.  It was in this cartoon by HB.  Of course the scariest thing about this is the gravely voice of the then ancient and ill Abbott.  (Or maybe it's the fact that Costello had died 10 years prior to the making of this and Abbott is still doing the routine?)  The animation is much simpler then the Pink Panther cartoon.  The soundtrack is ripped from every other HB cartoon made. (Especially the Flintstones.)  BUT it is not without it's charms, as these cartoons were while budgeted, nicely produced.  

That's about it for tonight.  Join me again tomorrow night for more fun!  I only wish I had taken the time to do more Halloween projects with Caravaggia this year. I will have a very special image of hers to share right after this coming Hallow-weekend.

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