Saturday, August 25, 2012

Marshall Copeland Vs Joey Gay Boxing By Gigan

In this my very first piece by legendary artist Gigan, Marshall Copeland, Paleontologist hunk extraordinaire, has decided test his merit by fighting Joey the Kangaroo man. It looks like it was one hell of a fight. I don't doubt the rounds lasted into the double digits, before having torn their clothes and turning this boxing match into a passionate sword fight! This can't be Queensberry rules! Hitting below the belt this way is way too pleasurable. Looks like this match is gonna end in a tie. I doubt any in the crowd would complain though.

For this picture we started with a concept of Marshall and Joey after a fight. Then Gigan had some suggestions of having them drawing themselves closer just as the fight was ending, the two still in a fighting position opposite each other. I said, roll with it and boy did he. XD I always wanted to pair Joey with Marshall. I can see that happening, due to the time Marhall is supposed to be from. Gigan was a delight to work with and I can easily recommend him to others seeking his service.
This gorgeous image is detailed to the hilts. Just check out the strands of hair on Marshall and Joey. NICE! Gigan did an absolutely fabulous job on both men. His take on them in his stile was wonderful to see. I like how big and pronounced those chops he gave Marshall are. Splendid coloring combined with beautiful bodes and such a playful pose, made this the perfect start to our working together. Thanks so much Gigan. ^__^

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  1. Its nice and "hitting" below the belt! XD



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