Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sunday Studs, Warrior Mix

It's Sunday morning and time once again, some inspirational images for all you lovers of fantasy men.

Let's start with the Warriors:

My favorite from this set. He looks like a sexy Arabian Knight, or assassin. Love that hood.

Savage Barbarian with tribal face paint...yummy.

Really cute Scottish, Celtic warrior twink.

This Vikings dick doesn't look human to me! XD

Gladiator sculpted to perfection.

Barbarian stud with net. I wonder who, or what he is planning to catch? I'll come willingly!

Now some Men of the Forest, Satyrs and Fauns:

Is he hiding, or getting ready for anal penetration? I saw this comic once were a satyr was raped by a centaur. I should post that here. This reminds me of it.

I have no idea who drew this gorgeous picture. Looks like the king of Satyrs, or something. Kinda dark message, but beautiful nonetheless.

The Huntsman and his prey?
Um...moving along... XD

In the Beginning....Adam and Steve style guys:

That's a big leaf. I have a feeling it only needs be half that size... XD

Oh a low point..ending on Mario Lopez as if he was in the Blue Lagoon. It's got an Adam and Eve vibe going for it though. He's cute, but his hair is a little too tidy to be that of a jungle hunks. I prefer the original. ;P

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