Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Dinsaur Prince Fucks Skelldon By Leon De Leon

I didn't get to go to the museum today to check out the new EXTREME DINOSAURS exhibit at the ROM. I plan on going tomorrow. That's okay though, because I have two very extreme dinos for you guys to share right here, right now. They are much hotter then anything at the stuffy old ROM. XD (One day soon I am gonna rant on what they did to my beloved museum 5 years ago.) This absolutely GORGEOUS picture was done back in June by Leon De Leon.

From the second the Prince of the Dinosaurs, Makelee laid eyes on the mighty Skelldon, he wanted him. Skelldon was only hired to help escort the Saurian prince across the desert, but when their eyes met, something uncontrollable came over the two of them. They stared deep into each others eyes, as passionate thoughts sent blood racing towards their massive cut cocks. Dinosaur Prince's dick swayed side to side like a pendulum as he made his way towards the spiky stud. Skelldon is a big, prideful warrior. He's hopelessly in love with Tonia, but bewitched by the ruler of his race, he found himself unable to do nothing less but instantly fall to all fours. His ass wiggling high in the air, his heart pounded, as he awaited the prince's penetration.
The prince's 14 inch cock filled every inch of Skelldons ass. The second he started to penetrate Skelldons tight little hole, prince grasp the dino mans perfect ass with both claws. He never relaxed his grip for a second as he fucked him. The cock of the prince was so smooth and felt so perfect in him. There was no pain, for this was another gift of the dinosaur prince. He has the ability to fuck and despite his own size, only give pleasure to his partner. Pleasure that not only filled his behind, but went directly into Skelldons cock as well. Each thrust felt like his dick was being jerked off by some unseen force. It was as if his dick was and Makelees were one sing unit, as he could feel the sensation from the tip of his own dick, to the edge of his ass cheeks, where the base of Dinosaur Prince's dick was. Dinosaur Prince was all too soon ready to shoot his load. He had never had the pleasure of fucking a warrior as beautifully armored, so massively built, yet so gentle and tender in his every motion as Skelldon. The sweet suction created by him pulling out his dick, cause Skelldons to release the thickest orgasm of his life. It gushed in thick spurts that tickled the inside of his shaft as he released stream, after steam onto the sandy ground. Dinosaur Prince erupted high in the air, allowing the cum to fall onto his head. Skelldon got on his feat, despite the weakness in his knees. Dinosaur Prince put his hands on his shoulders and brought him closer. They rubbed their still throbbing, cum dripping cocks together as Makelee kissed him tenderly on the lips. Thanking him, the two began their journey across the desert.

You may recognize Skelldons pose. Hee hee I told you guys I would use that pose sooner, or later for him in the Fathers day post. XD It made for one of my very favorite pieces by Leon to date. He's made what some have remarked to be the most human looking of various takes on Skelldon. I think he did both characters magnificently. So much that I hope to request him to draw both again some time very soon. Hope you guys like it! LOL here is my crappy sketch below of the concept.



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