Sunday, August 5, 2012

Mako Finn and the Speedo Thief

In anticipation of the upcoming Mako Finn book, I decided to ask FallenAngel to take him on for the first time. He really did a fantastic job anime styling him up! The beefy, beach, bum needed some pestering so we came up with a fun concept. Lil'Deep is up to a little mischief. We're not sure if he really has mind powers over the crab, or if they're just in his own mind. Either way that crab is really happy to have snatched a little speedo souvenir! And Mako, well, he looks to me like he's just too hot to be bothered to go chasing after that crap. He must be in Canada, cause the heat is so intense here it just hangs in the air! XD Later, when he gets out of that chair, Deeps gonna be in big trouble! :P

I had a little fun adding some pubes and doing a few color variations to Makos cock head and pipples. The pink is way too bright though! XD hee hee.

Hurry Mako Finn! We can hardly wait for you comic to wash ashore! ^_^

1 comment:

  1. Rawrrrr nice rendition pal :D _ FallenAngel



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