Sunday, August 26, 2012

Have A Wonderfully Monstrous Birthday Zerimar

Hey guys! What a messed up weekend. I totally forgot about our Fan Expo we have here each year. Then I almost forgot that my dearest Zerimar was having a birthday today. While I missed the Fan Expo (very little regrets there after last years increased prices and 2 hour lines.), I did not forget my dear friend Frank. I did the e-mail equivalent of a call to arms and I was so thankful that so many of those asked were able to jump into the fray. I say fray, because it was a battle against time. I made the call late last night. By morning we had 5 wonderful images to share with Frank on his big thirtieth birthday. I know full well Franks love of all things Wonder Boy. Lately had been sharing with me his fun and frustrations with 2 games of the series. One of the them being Monster World 4; a game that had been left in Japan for almost 20 years. He was so delighted to be playing it after such long a wait. The other I believe was Wonder Boy 3, the Japanese themed level of which was giving him considerable troubles. Ah, the good old days, when just beating the game was triumph enough!
Frank enjoyed the game so much he wrote a review on it! So I knew we couldn't choose a better subject for some birthday art then the characters of Wonder Boy in Monster World. Franks appreciation was incredible. He was truly moved by our gifts. And so I now present to you the five wicked pieces the team whipped up! I am posting them in order of production! LOL. I hope you will enjoy them as much as Frank and I did.

Aneros chose the classic hero Shion, the successor of the Wonder Boy name after Tom-Tom. I doubt very well that Shion has ever been drawn as sexy, muscular and well endowed as he was last night by Aneros.
Karulox was second to finish his piece. Before retiring for the night, he had super cute image of both Shion and Asha. I think they are rushing for a piece of birthday cake! XD hee hee. They are spot on model and just so wonderful to behold! :D I love Ashas hair!

Early in the morning hours my inbox was blessed with an adorably festive image from FallenAngel. Working with great speed he drew up the warrior Asha. She's slightly petite to match her game sprite. This would make such a great greeting card for the Sega Company. She better be careful, or her pet is gonna steal that yummy cake! XD

Guytoonist was done next. He too took on the Wonder Boy Shion. After seeing Aneros wicked piece, he wanted the challenge of doing something just as sexy, without showing off Shions penis. At first glance I said, mission accomplished! Now Shion looks like he could fit into the more realistic video game worlds of today. The way Guytoonist pens him, this hunks good competition for Link! :P

Sirio was among the first to send a sketch early this morning. She gave me a choice of a sexy, or Chibi image. Upon seeing the unmeasurable beauty of her Asha, I knew my choice before even I realized I had to make a choice. (Okay it wasn't that easy, the Chibi is super cute!!!) I don't think even the Japanese developers thought of giving her so luscious a bosom. One thing that Sirios Asha made me realize is that she needs to take on more female characters. Asha, who was done in a few short hours is spectacular!

Again, Happy Birthday to you Frank from all of us! Many happy returns of the day my friend. :D

Here is some art from the series!


  1. I love the original artworks... kinda give me goosebumps seeing the classic lame us ver artwork...will give you nightmares. Glad Frank love it ^_^

    1. That's true. I can's say much for the artwork outside of Japan for this series. The first Wonder Boy is okay I guess. I always thought that had a decent US cover.

  2. Happy birthday Frank!!! those are great gifts there :D I also enjoyed a lot drawing them ^^the characters are just lovely <3



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