Monday, August 6, 2012

Gil Webber of Monster High Nude

Like so many gay men, I too have a thing for the men of Monster High. (Especially Claude and Gil.) I have watched many of the episodes, but I haven't purchased any merchandise. Raul of the Rainbowboys on the other hand has! His quest to acquire the rare doll of Gil lead to the commission of this piece. While we were talking about the doll, we both found we find Gil highly desirable. So, we decided to let him show off his uncut meat to the world. ;D Hee hee. Raul did in fact get his doll for a decent price off of E-bay, but the more exciting transaction I think was the one that resulted in this beautiful sketch. Gils a little older and buffer looking here then in the series. He looks like he might be fingering himself a bit, waiting for you to join him on the beach. Who wouldn't want to take that dick in their hands and make it grow to it's full width and length? ;D I don't think there's lovelier fan art of the character online. ^_^ Thanks Raul!



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