Sunday, August 5, 2012

Kwi Kwi Cavegirl Fan Art By FallenAngel

FallenAngel really surprised me earlier this week with this very sweet fan art of my cavegirl Kwi Kwi. The monkey cavegirl has been given some massive boobs. Those trilobites must be very happy perched on those beautiful brown honkers. He gave her a bikini with a tiger tail, which is pretty cool. Her actually tail is tucked in. Guess it will make for a nice decoy if she gets caught by the tail, she can slip out of her panties and make a break for it! Her dinosaur steed is really neat too. He's got one massive neck and powerful looking body set on legs that look great for running. I wonder what species he is?

Fallen did another fan art based on a sketch I did some time ago. I think the page had a bunch of characters for Vanns world on it. It was drawn long ago. I never thought anyone would actually take the character and make her real. You can see here in his post here:

Thanks so much Mr. FallenAngel. :D

1 comment:

  1. Oh her nake is Kwi Kwi? oki got it...still I was surprise it was an actual tail she got on the sketch you did ^^



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