Monday, August 6, 2012

Pac-Man Candy!

I found these at a local book shop on Friday and I just had to do a post to show mine off. Anything this cool that's Pac-Man related deserves a post. These are little tin Pac-Man arcade cabinets. They have sour Pac-men stored in the bottom of the unit. The candy is okay, but I think most people will be purchasing these for the mini arcade machines, more then the confectionery treat. I thought they looked nicer then the Hallmark ornament released a few years ago. I just wish they made sound! XD

Here's a picture of mine with Garfield and Odie!


  1. Uh DP did you check the expiration of those candy? what flavor are they? oh yeah the dashboard ok for now :P

    1. Good to hear your blogger is working well again. The candy is sour, I can't really place the flavor. I guess it's lemony. Don't worry, the candies are new. Pac-man candies have come back for about 3 years now. :D

  2. Cool. I'll have to look for those sometime.

  3. Those things are SO cute!! I seem to remember things like them from somewhere but I can't recall (but I think it was from my childhood - but it wasn't pacman...or maybe it's something I saw in LA's Little Tokyo? I don't know. It's just bringing up nostalgia like a Galaga BEAST)



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