Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Not So Virgin Sacrifice For the Zebra Centaur

After Genelightfoot had completed the birthday gift for Aneros, he insisted on doing something for me as well. That was very kind of him.  Earlier this month he presented me with this piece featuring my Zebra Centaur, bigger and buffer then ever before!  In fact I think he's one of the beefiest men I have ever seen Gene do.  I think his neck is as thick as I am shoulder to shoulder! :P  In this image his character Gene has stolen Sebs clothes and is posing as todays virgin sacrifice.  Gene knows the score, he's been with lots of guys, but even he must be a little worried about taking his first centaur dick.  The was Genelightfoots first Centaur too and he did an immaculate job indeed.  The dark stormy sky background is so beautiful.  That would be a perfect day for a birthday. 

Well that about does it for my birthday pictures. I really stretched them out this year!   Thanks for all the wonderful gifts guys.  You made me feel like Godzilla on a tricycle...whee!

Yeah it's really a thing! :P


  1. Awesome hot centaur action, love the pose and that hand holding its might rod :D

    DP, really I know its a toy but..seeing Godzilla on the tric almost made me spit my drinking coffee ^^;

    1. Believe it, or not, there is a whole series of these toys!



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