Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Earth And Fire Tentacle Dick Collision

Todays birthday battle royal, comes courtesy of Cavaggia and me.  Two tentacle dick men clashing, Earth Vs Fire, Incubus Vs Plant Man..what a spectacle.  All sorts of hot and strange for Aneros's birthday. ;D Caravaggia took on this many dick challenge quite willingly.  She created a splended nightmare of cocks, with out experiencing one herself.  She actually did this very quickly.  Given the complexity of the characters, I was very surprised.  She totally nailed the look of the Incubus Lord. It was a total thrill to bring back Andrew Two.  We haven't used him in years.  I hope you tentacle fetish people enjoy this one! ;D hee hee.

1 comment:

  1. Caravaggia's work here is awesome, love the "cock" fighting and spitting at each other ^^



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