Sunday, July 7, 2013

Barbarian Birthday Circle Jerk

For the gift to Aneros from FallenAngel and myself, I wanted to do something that combined all of our worlds.  Fallen had chosen the Voider Knight, so I felt the perfect choice would be to use our Barbarian heroes; Vann Illia and Acamas. I knew from the first, that this would be an astounding piece.  Fallen pulled out all the stops for this circle jerk threesome of massive men. Mighty muscles, giant cocks, etra thick foreskin and cum going off like fireworks....Who could ask for more? ;D 

While we are on the subject of Barbarians, I found these Conan stickers last night.  They date from around 1974, or so.  From what I could gather these comical stickers were made when he was under the Marvel liscence and sold with bubble gum and possibly trading cards as well.  I have never seen these stickers before, but now that I have I would love to pick some of them up.  Krull, Ka-Zar and many obscure Marvel characters were also featured.  Very cool stuff.  The final sticker is actually part of the original merchandise for the old Conan movie.

   I regret to say that FallenAngel has been struck with some very bad luck.  FallenAngels is fine, but his PC is not. It's down and out.  It will be under repair, at least until next week.  If anyone wants to help contribute to getting his PC repaired, please feel free to contact me.

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