Sunday, July 28, 2013

Thor at the Legendary Oasis

Zerimar had a party all ready with Segas Thor at the Legendary Oasis, back on May 24th.  I think Thor wants us to test how supple his pectoral muscles are.  :D   But first I think I would be more anxious to move that towel to the side.    Zerimar delights in teasing me with these images of almost naked studs.  The make my imagination run wild!  It's art like this that reminds me how sad it is that the character has fallen to the way side.  Dude is bronzed!  Sega, what happened?
Thank you so much for this beautiful birthday image Zerimar. ^_^


  1. Glad you love it so much :)
    I wanted to do this for you since that other artist made you take all of her Thor artwork down :(



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