Saturday, July 6, 2013

Deimos Discovers The Voider Knight

It was Aneros birthday last month.  Now, while I didn't get a chance to do much posting, (Last month was hell, don't ask)  I did make sure to have a nice collection of pieces for him, for his special day.  My dear friend has been going through a very rough year, so I felt the need to spoil him a bit.  So I contacted a few artists and asked them to pick a favorite character of his and we would do something with them.  Here is the first of the images.  This one is by Yelmo.  We did this as a double birthday gift actually!  Aneros is a big Deimos fan, so we decided to pair his Voider Knight with the sexy purple Taro Demon, Deimos. :P  Those cocks are really stretching and dripping.  The foreskins are pulled back so tight!  I guess that's what happens when heros frot.  Yelmo did an incredible job on this piece.  Always love how he colors his lines like a feature Disney animation.  That alone adds so much to the image.  It was a delight as always to watch him work.

This is Aneros first image of his exquisite Knight. He took inspiration from his favorite online game: World of Warcraft.  Since his dick is covered, we had fun with his cut and uncut status, as you will soon see!

After reading the last Deimos book, Dead of Winter, I found myself becoming more and more interested in this character.  Deimos has another great cross over coming up.  Sometime this month, Class Comics is going to start publishing a three part FREE comic featuring Class's big three, Deimos, Zahn and Cam. I'm eagerly awaiting this to say the least!  Got the kleenex at the ready. ;D

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