Sunday, October 29, 2017

Peng Gets Pounded On Halloween

Vann is in trouble, so it's Peng to the rescue.  (What else is new?) Only for once Peng needs help finding a solution, as well as the location of his friend.  It is not exactly easy dealing with the warriors of Halloween. They have very mysterious ways.  In his desperation he calls upon the Owlman of All Hallows Eve to grant him knowledge.  That knowledge comes with a price, usually ones foreskin.  But Peng is half fairy and magic spells and bounding contracts do not easily work on him.  The Owlman instead only requires some sex. Not further payment, he claims. Peng agrees nervously and Otubishin readies his rod for entry.  After a gruelling session,the answer given to Peng.   Peng prepares to depart, only to be held down by a great force on his shoulders.  Try as he might it is no use.  Otubishin has summoned the living dead trees of the forest to keep Peng here all night if needs be.  "You will never save your friend.  You will suffer through the night knowing you could save him, if only you were smart enough to get away."  The Owl monster gloats as he fucks Pengs sticky, cum soaked hole for the 10th time.  Peng not smart enough? Oh...we all doubt that.  The Owl Man better pray to whatever dark gods he is binded to. Once Peng finds a way out of this, the owl is as good as plucked.

The image of horror and terror most sensual was drawn by FallenAngel.  I can only pray his imagination does not start bringing these visions to life on Halloween night!!!!

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