Sunday, October 1, 2017

Smilo Fucks Dimata Animated!

Hey guys, sorry for the two week hiatus. Not cool, I know, but...Well idle hands are the devils play things right?  So you can just image all the stuff I have in store after taking a brief vacation from blogging.  I have a big surprise for you all, several actually!  I am going to start off October with some animation.  Not Halloween themed, but certainly sweet as candy.  We have (like you haven't already looked down) Smilo fucking the cum right outta of Dimata,  This tribute at the temple of man boob booty, was drawn gloriously by Mr. Genelightfoot!  His newest drawing of the prehistoric men makes them even bigger and buffer than his previous images.  Must be something in the water at the temple!!! It seems to have given Dimata foreskin for days.  That is one think foreskin lip he is sporting...sure to cause more then just his precum to trickle out... Super huge thanks to Gene for making my summer go out with a bang!

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