Saturday, October 28, 2017

The Hottest Halloween Fuck

Yesterday Vann pulled a prank on one of the oldest and most feared Halloween kings.  Tonight however, we find him paying for his actions.  Mess with one evil creature and usually you are fine to walk away. Halloweeniers however, have a habit of sticking together.  Through sneaky means, our hero was captured by a Jack-O-Warrior.  A defender of the holiday that tries to keep things in 'balance.'  That is, they attempt to punish them that have thwarted Halloweens big wigs, instead of doing so to the legend that deserved it for failing.
This particular Warrior has a special candle stick betwixt his legs, that he likes to light up and administer as punishment whenever the chance arises. Vann is gonna feel the burn of the hottest holiday fuck of all time, if he doesn't figure something out fast. You know our boy, he is full of surprises.  He might even just be playing opossum, just till he gets a feel of that waxy wang. I just hope he knows what he is doing...Rumour has it, that dick has magical powers beyond it's fleshy flame....

Super HUGE thank you to Yelmo you drew this up over the last week.  We have not done a Halloween project together for a couple years, so it was a delight to hand him the naughtiest thing I could think of! Just in case the 'wax' isn't  your thing, Yelmo did up a slight alternate image as well!  Happy Halloween from Mexico as only Yelmo can pen!


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