Friday, May 26, 2017

Presenting Belvadar...Presenting! By Patrick Fillion

Okay guys, time to unleash another wicked piece I got whilst turning 40 this week... A unexpected gift by Mr. Patrick Fillion himself!  He and Cabrera have illuminated our bat boy up by the light of the full moon, brining out his perfection for all the creatures of the night to enjoy!  Check out the sexy pubes highlighted by the moon light! Now that is attention to detail!!!!  HA!!!  I don't think anyone has ever done a more detailed image of Belvards bottom. (And no one does bum holes like Mr. Fillion does!!)  Who ever takes on the offer to enter that hot boy pussy is in for the ride and fight of his life!!!  Bel does not bottom without reluctance!
Talk about being over the moon for an image! This incredible image sent me into orbit. I cannot thank Patrick enough.  Hope you all love it!

1 comment:

  1. I'm just so happy you like how he turned out, my friend! It was a real pleasure drawing him for you! HA HA HA! Glad you like the hand pose too! ;) Clever lad -- you caught that!! XD WAH-HOO!! Loads and loads of love, and birthday hugz + kisses once again! SMOOCHES -- Patrick XOXOXO



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