Saturday, May 13, 2017

Tristan Master Of Many Dubious Trades

Good evening everyone, this is Lastmanouthere's character Tristan.  He was formerly a street urchin, hustler, and thief, before becoming a spy and operative for the mighty Guild of Merchants. He plays an important role in an ever expanding story Lastmanouthere has been working on and off, for almost ten years.  So hopefully we will learn and see more about him in the near future!  

He certainly has a nice, sexy Roman/Greek warrior motif going for him.  It should help him blend in with any warring factions he may have to spy on.  Though, I think his tailor should be reprimanded a bit.  Amrour that makes a tank top is sexy, though maybe a little less functional.  That is fine...but as we move further That speedo is certainly waaaay to small to house his manhood.  Not that I am complaining, but he might inadvertantly knock someone over with that giant cock of his! :P

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