Saturday, May 20, 2017

New Artist Bakunawa takes on Milne The Forest Witch!

Hello everyone and happy May two four weekend! (The weekend the world celebrates my birth.  No ego whatsoever there...)  Actually what I want to celebrate with you guys is new art by a new artist.  A close personal friend of FallenAngels, he hails from the same locale as your legend.  This artist had yet to decide upon a name when we started this little adventure!  What began as a request for a chibi, escalated into a character portrait worthy of being in Fire Emblem!!!  I proudly present to you the art of Bakunawa.  A wonderful talent who is on the path to an exciting career in male erotic art!
This slightly younger, softer and lighter versions of the male witch, gives us a window into the days of his late teens.  That is, before he ventured out into the world and became the hard bodied hero.  His skin, like ivory, before being  exposed to the sun constantly.  Showing that in his secluded youth he would spend most of his days below the forest canopy, away from the harsh rays and prying eyes...  Well pry your eyes right below and take in the view of the art of Bakunawa!

Oh and speaking of Fire Emblem...I got an early birthday gift.  I am not very familiar with the series to be honest. I mostly watched friends and family play it.  I am a little nervous, but so far I am enjoying it.  Trying NOT to save if I get shit stats though.  The Amiibos are super well designed, but I am afraid to open them. From what I hear they are very rare.  The EB where I got them told me they were the only set to come in! O__O

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