Saturday, May 6, 2017

A Cleansing Bath

After a long and passionate encounter with the Barbarian God Acamas, it came time for the lovers to depart. The prince retired to his private chambers, soaking in a harm healing bath.  His thoughts still fixated on the hero, who abandoned his many conflicting emotions run through his mind.  He is at once frustrated and aroused.  His cock tingles for attention as images of the perfect body of Acamas  pressed against his race through his mind.  He sercums to his urges, that are stronger than he thought.  Images of the events with Acamas have him quickly spilling his royal seed all over the chamber floor.  He relaxes back into the tub.  His cock tight and sensitive, relaxes and soften in the tub.  He feels the foreskin slowly finding it's way across his mushroom head. A tinge of boredom falls over him.  Nothing in the near future has a chance of being as amazing as what happened this morning...

This lovely piece was drawn by my old friend Yelmo.  The image alone inspired the story above.  Originally this was going to be a bubble bath image, but I think you will agree that eliminating them to get a full view of Yelmos wonderfully sculpted prince, was a much better idea! :D

P.S.  I know I promised this a couple days ago, but I was in a car accident.

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