Sunday, May 7, 2017

Milne The Forest Witch

It's Sunday morning and time to take in the glory of a new OC! This handsome daddy was created by Lastmanouthere. Dang, I thought I was supposed to be sending HIM gifts at this time of your. (Of which I will also soon be posting up.)  Been DYING to make your dicks hard with this for a week now.  I hope you guys like him!!  See below for his story, along with a very special making of surprise!

Milne, whose name means Tanner in the Nexi language, grew up in the forest with his adoptive grandmother. The old woman was a sort of witch-druid, though neither she, nor Milne ever referred to themselves in those terms. They were just "people of the forest". In the rare occasions in which they visited nearby villages outside the woods, they were seen with a mix of reverence and apprehension. Milne's grandmother was good at finding strange herbs and substances which local alchemists and healers used to heal people, which put them in a sort of good stand with the civilized people. 

After his grandmother passed away, Milne left the forests, guided by the dreams of a strong warrior from a land far away. Milne was convinced his destiny was tied to that of the stranger in his dreams. Together with his swallow companion Toren, he travelled the kingdoms of the Areven region until he found the man he sought, Pretu Kerikan.  He found Pretu in Arcadia, the cosmopolitan city many referred to as the Capital of the World. Following Pretu, Milne enlisted in the task forces of the Guild of Merchants and travelled to the Western kingdoms, where they two were assigned to the team led by Tristan to keep the peace and investigate any problem of note in this frontier kingdoms. (D.P. Note:  I have a killer image of Tristan to share with you guys too!!!)  

Due to his training and upbringing, Milne has wide knowledge of herbalism. He also has a natural connection with nature, especially with his swallow, with which he can apparently communicate. (D.P Note, no Swallow jokes allowed.)  Milne also has an inherent talent for magic. In the weeks of his travel from Arcadia to the west with Pretu, he was given a tome on magical theory.  Without much effort managed to memorize a handful of spells. Simple and unremarkable as they were, those spells took scholars of magic and wizards-to-be months to learn. His prowess was noted by Tristan, specially after Milne commented how his grandmother all but forbid him from coming into contact with *real* magic while in the forest.

And there you have it ladies and gentlemen, a start is born and brought into the DP Kingdom, thanks to our dear sweet friend Lastmanouthere. I am SURE this will not be the last we see of Milne. You can bet on that! 

Here is a cool little making of video that Lastmanouthere provided.  Sadly blogger isn't the kindest to videos so the quality might be compromised. 

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