Sunday, December 15, 2013

Guin Fucks Istavan Spellsword

It's a sad fact that tragedy can beget great art. Earlier this week after Tragedy indeed did strike me, I looked for something to get me through it. I remembered years ago, it was either Crimsonblood, or Ephorox that mentioned to me, an anime called Guin Saga. I remembered that I had the series and began watching it. 5 episodes in a row later, I was fairly hooked. I could see why, even beyond the sexy eye candy that is Guin, they had recommended it. It's got a lot of that classic anime/Lodoss War vibe going through it, that you just don't see all that often these days. (Or at least, I don't.)  It's probably due to the fact that a lot of it's source material was written during the sword and sorcery hay day of the 70s and 80s.
Guin is a sexy, strong and sympathetic warrior.  Cursed with the head of a leopard, his searches for answers to his past, while helping others, especially two royal twins along the way.  I decided to pair him with his mercenary friend Istavan Spellsword.  Fallen felt my loss and decided upon himself to set out to make the best damn picture he could.    He really put his all into this one.  He does great justice both characters, giving them massive, sweaty, muscles that shine in the quite ambiance of the moonlight. He gave them both dicks bigger then their arms, thick with lovely tight foreskin.  Their cock heads inflated with lust, pushing the hoods back ever so slightly, so to make sure their fountains of cum have no trouble reaching their target.

 I chose Istavan's pirate outfit for this image, because I felt it a lot sexier then his usual garb. That is also how the setting was chose.  I'm not sure if he had a butt tattoo, or not.  It seems that he does, but the episode wasn't clear enough to tell if it was a shadow, or ink.  We chose to leave it off due to this uncertainty.  Having a tattoo above his ass may explain what kind of pirate he was...

 This might not be the last we see of Guin around here.  What do you guys think of this character and pairing? 

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  1. I found a fanfiction author who is making Guin Saga fanfictions.



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