Saturday, April 4, 2015

FallenAngel's Barbarian Birthday Boner-aza! Part 2

Here we go with part 2, as promised!!! Todays most featured character of FallenAngels is Lynx-Kun.  Funny story, both Yelmo and Devilman were working on their piece while talking to each other online the morning of Fallens birthday.  They were both laughing when they asked each other what the other one was doing!

We are starting this party Devilman's epic contribution, since it's the last to feature Acamas.  In my concept for Devilman, Lynx-Kun is under the brave barbarians tutelage.  He's gonna teach him how to get bigger and stronger. In fact, Acamas has a secret method of making ones dick bigger and bigger.  He may even be able to help Lynx-Kun grow a foreskin...maybe. 

Devilman has imbued his men with a powerful aura.  Acamas's is created through a mixture of great pride in his enormous manhood, his strength and natural beauty. (It's so strong, even his cape is effected!)  It flows through him to Lynx, where it is reenforced by joining up with the vibrant, steaming sexuality that courses through  Lynx.  The wonder of sexual discovery, the temptation of another man and the erotic playfulness between teacher and student;  These are all things Fallenangel lives every day through his works.

In Guytoonist take on Lynx-Kun, he is no longer a trainee.  Now the poster boy for pretty, Lynx-has grown to be an epic warrior.  His muscles, frame and even his cock have all thickened.  His hair, is now a sexy mass that grows wildly untamed from his bandana.  He sits proud.  Legs spread.  Hips thrust forward. His massive dick, having sprung forward, sits plump and ready.  The cock head, super moist from days of hiding under the foreskin, now glows dark with bent up passion. It fills the air with a light musk.  The look in his face shows that Lynx is still waiting for the onlooker to judge him.  Who is it that judges and dismisses such beauty as his?  Perhaps he is just judging himself, worried he is not good enough?

Yelmos image marks the first fan art of FallenAngels magical tyrant Veles Rasputin.  (The first time he has been featured fully naked as well, I might add.  Same goes for Lynx in all these images btw.)  The newest member of FallenAngels family of naughty stars, I was more then overjoyed when Yelmo asked to take him on.  We had to make the decision of what kind of cock he has and I think we chose well with a long thin uncut member to match his body frame.  Of course Fallen is free to bestow both characters as he wishes when he does decided to strike pen to groin at a later date. :P  Yelmos Lynx-Kun bears a strong chin and the golden swimmers build body.  His soft youthful handsomeness is at a stark contrast to the older Rasputin, who is fully toned, after rough years of working out and dealing with invasion battles. 

Lynx-Kun has fallen under Rasputins spell.  He happily grabs a big piece of birthday cake, to feed this new object of his affection.  While certainly smitten the charms by Lynx, if that fully erect penis is any indication, the rascal Rasputin just can't help but try to get at FallenAngels gifts.  He'll soon be stopped by cake in his mouth and two firm hands on his cock...

Bonus!  Feast your eyes on FallenAngels updated Lynx-Kun!!

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  1. Thanks for the 2nd strike gifts for me ^_^ - FallenAngel



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