Monday, April 6, 2015

The Easter Bunny's Sexy Krampus

In 2013, Guytoonist gave us his vision of Krampus, the punisher of wicked men on Christmas.  This year he has created for us the Easter equivalent.  Behold the dark beauty of his Black Rabbit Ryukyu!

 The details of this creatures origins are shrouded in mystery.  One tale states that the Easter Bunny offered the job to his favorite child in the world, once the boy had grown of age, of course.  The boy had a burning urge to bring justice to the world and the Rabbit channeled that desire, transforming him into the man beast above.  

Another theory of this anti-easter bunny is that he came about when a young man dabbled with very dark magic one Easter evening.  He was hoping to to come up with a way to punish the undeserving children of the world that had forgotten the spirit of the holiday.  He wanted to create a creature much like Krampus from scratch.  He played a very dangerous game, dabbling in magic he was not fully in control of.  Accidentally adding 'cock' feathers instead of those of a hen and adding way too many rabbit parts that weren't feet, the spell backfired on him.  In the explosion the ensued, he was transformed into a sex craved rabbit man.  

In either case, what was once a thin young man, became something much more.  His muscles grew strong and brawny. His chest heaved and became three size the size it once was.  His neck lengthened.  His ears darkened, grew fur and reached for the sky. His cock thickened and his balls screamed with the desire to mate nonstop with the coldest of male hearts.  His cock head darkened to the color of a century egg. He now is the Slave of Spring, who comes to the side of the Easter Bunny once a year. With a pure heart, guided by a desire to punish the wicked, he travels the globe alongside his master.  Over the course of one night he spreads more then just a lesson to men gone astray.  
This Pere de Fouettard has many tricks to administer.  From fowl smelling literal century eggs, (no phony baloney week, or month old ones you find in restaurants)  that he hides in places you didn't know you had, to his signature red raw fucking of 'rabbit' proportions, he is being for the wicked to fear.  For the truly wicked his has a very special punishment. One every magically employed bunny can tell you, is something to run for your life from.  

He is not at all evil.  The young mans kindness and good nature never vanished. To the good, the kind and innocent, he has been known to protect, administer the sweetest of chocolate and even, if you are very good, be an affectionate lover to one, or two lucky men come Easter morning.  If you find him hidden in your bedroom, you are in for the a wonderful holiday indeed. 

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