Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Rikuo Fucks Batsu With His Massive DICK

No it's not an April Fools' joke. I'm sill here on Google.  Starting a new site is gonna take a little more saving then I thought.  I'm still dead set on moving though!  Yeah sadly no April Fools' day jokes today! Even better I have some art I found from last year that I never posted.  Maduinshorn sketched these up last July for me.  It's the sequel images to his Rikou and Batsu from last year. The chase and the foreplay are over.  Rikous got Batsu captive and just where he wants him.  Ready to take his dick.  The little bit he showed him before is nothing to the sight Batsu is about to see!  Rikuo has now let his dick unsheathe to its most massive size.  Batsu is worried that even his well toned, experienced ass can't take all of that massive thing!!! Soon he finds out that Rikuos dick slides in perfectly. It stretches him like nothing before, but he loves it.  Each pulsating thrust drives prostate insane.  Soon he cumming time and again all over the sexy mermans face.  Hot gushes of see man seamen trickle out his ass and warm his insides as the verile lord of the deep drops load after load of ongoing orgasms.  This is to be expected, after all.  You see, Rikuo is expected to fertilize hundreds of eggs at once.
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