Sunday, March 29, 2015

Zahn 3 Omake! Barund's First Mistake

Barund is a vampire that likes to speak his mind.  With his powers of hypnotism he feels he can get away with saying anything he wants.  Well, today FallenAngel and I are going to explore a scene from Zahn Son Of Winter #3 that the readers didn't see!  Those of you that have read the book will remember the point in the story where Barund was off to rescue Zahn.  Before he could do that, he needed some fresh blood to aid him. FallenAngel has beautifully recreated the last panel we saw just before he sunk his fangs into an guard on duty.  I hope you guys will enjoy our second Zahn Omake!
Sorry about the size.  Googles messed up set up shows this fits on the page perfectly. It's either this size, or a super small one.  Another good reason to leave this blasted blog.  Posting options suck hard.

Here is a little bonus.  In the panel, instead of having his face covered, Murray has adjusted his helmets shield so that his face can be clearly seen. Murray finally gets a little face time!  That big uncut cock is lovely isn't it? XD

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  1. Like I said to ya before -- BAH-HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! XD XD XD

    Dinosaurprince, FallenAngel -- this is FRIKKIN' AWESOME! And absolutely HILARIOUS!!!!!! Thanks so much to both of you for creating this, guys! I'm still laughing my ass off, over here! :D Wonderful scripting and beautiful artwork!

    GREAT BIG Thank you's to both of you!
    Patrick XOXOXOX



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