Tuesday, March 17, 2015

GuyToonist's Speedo Clad Leprechaun!

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone! I hope you all remembered to wear green, cause if you didn't, then Guytoonist's Leprechaun will come after ya!  He'll be a pinching ya all over and tickling ya, till ya canna take no more. Then he'll pull off those green speedos and thrust that big old clover right up yer arse.  By the time he's spilled his seed, you'll feel like you been walloped in the backside for an hour with the Blarney Stone itself. Ay, that'll teach ye..
A huge thank you to Guytoonist you surprised me with this special piece of holiday magic!  I will take his art over a pot of gold anyway.  (They come with too many curses from the little people anyway.)  Sadly I had company over for the holiday and they didn't leave till 20 mins ago.  We had a great time playing cards and enjoying a holiday tradition:

However you spent to celebrate, keep safe and have fun. I wish that all your worries were fewer and further apart then grandmas teeth this coming year!

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