Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Lil Deep Birthday Wishes For Adonix

Last Monday was Adonix birthday.  FallenAngel and I got together to bring him something featuring his most beloved character on our blog, Lil Deep.  Another popular character, lingers at the bottom of the page, unimpressed that he is not sharing any of the spotlight with Deep. He only gets a little lantern fish light..Maybe it is time to give this boy toy some more love?
One thing is for sure, Fallenangel excreted a vast amount of love onto Lil Deep and the rest of this one day masterpiece.  Lil Deep has never looked so adorable.  His cock is so astounding, all big, bright, with water sparkling and cascading down it...This is one shark who's sudden breaking of the surf wouldn't have you heading in the other direction.  I hope this image made Adonix feel years younger!

Guys, I just got an advance copy of Space Cadet #3!!! My stomach is full of butterflies of anticipation! I can't wait to read it before I go to bed.  I have to go to the hospital tomorrow, so man did this little surprise help totally flip my mood!!! I hope I will be able to tell you guys what I think of it tomorrow night.


  1. Glad he like that gift ^_^ I pray the check-up is ok - FallenAngel

    1. He is using it as his ipad screen! ^__^



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