Friday, March 13, 2015

Friday Morning Bathroom Butt Play

Friday mornings routine isn't so bad, if you could share you bathroom with these two.  After a passionate night of love making, Apis and Belvadar have woken up feeling frisky. Watching that steam of gold rush out of Apis thick brown foreskin is really turning Bel on.  He can feel his cock start to grow, his cock head stretching and pulling his foreskin ever so slowly back in the process.  Bel bends forward a bit, his towel slipping down in the process and presents his ass.  Apis can't resist fingering that shiny black butt, warm and moist, right out of the shower.  He loves watching his man shave. Belvadar is secretly hoping he's saving some of that piss stream for when he inserts his massive manbull dick in his ass in a few moments.  Then, he can have a shower again, this time together...
This super sexy image was drawn by Gene Lightfoot based on a concept I came up with in the shower! If the boys Gene drew were in my bathroom, I would never, ever sleep in!

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